Sensors worn by cyclist links with device fitted to trucks to alert driver

Cycle Alert ‘HGV communication device’ set for launch

A device called Cycle Alert, worn by a cyclist, that communicates with HGVs fitted with the counterpart will launch tomorrow.

The system consists of two sensors that communicate when in close proximity and a buzzer that alerts the driver to the cyclist’s presence.

Cycle Alert’s co-founder and the system’s innovator, Peter Le Masurier, came up with the idea after seeing the considerable impact of truckcycle road accidents – both for the vulnerable cyclist and the enormous consequences for truck operators and drivers.

He said: “There are currently no systems on the market that can tell an HGV driver whether a cyclist is close to their vehicle. This is where Cycle Alert comes in. Everybody needs to take responsibility for their own safety on the road. Cycle Alert empowers cyclists to make themselves more obvious to HGV drivers, and HGV drivers to protect themselves from the devastating impact of an accident. I was inspired to develop this technology when I heard an interview with a truck driver who had been involved in an accident with a cyclist – I recognised then that not one, but two families are left devastated by such incidents.”

The system has already received approval from two of the leading names in the haulage industry, with both Eddie Stobart and Keltbray being early supporters of the scheme.

In order to ensure adoption of the cyclist units each haulage company that signs up will receive a number of the cyclist units to distribute to their local community, including schools, colleges, and bikability schemes.

Cycle Alert will be available to buy from and retailers nationwide from September 2013. Cycle Alert for cyclists will cost £25 and the unit can now be bought as part of the Cycle to Work scheme.

The device is said to have a two-year battery life and an LED indicator warns when battery life is running low. The device holds the same kind of battery as most watches.

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