Confusingly billed in a press release as a "David and Goliath partnership" - didn't the shepherd-boy kill the giant? - the EPoS provider which started life in the bike trade will now piggy-back into many new retail sectors thanks to the marketing muscle of Fujitsu, the third largest IT company in the world.

Cybertill partners with Fujitsu

Cybertill was formed in 2001 by, amongst others, Ian Tomlinson.

Tomilinson had formerly been part of Abacus of Chester.

CyberTill is run over an Application Service Provider (ASP) remote provider with a kick-over to the internet, and enables real-time stock levels in-store and on B2C websites.

Bob Trotter Cycles of York was the company’s first customer.

CyberTill now has an annual turnover of £3m. And, after the deal with Fujitsu, this is likely to increase.

Tomlinson said: “We may be the financial minnow when compared with Fujitsu but the concept we have developed here is a giant in its own right having already made a significant impact on the UK market.

“I am not surprised that a multi-national commercial organisation like Fujitsu has recognised the enormous benefits that the Cybertill technology can bring to the retail sector.

“We have come to an agreement whereby Fujitsu will play an active role in bringing Cybertill technology to new markets. The association of the Fujitsu brand with Cybertill will be seen as a hugely significant by our competitors and will also provide additional credibility for a leading-edge technology.

“The system is comprehensive, secure and user friendly but most importantly it is cost effective in that it reduces stock holdings by between 20 and 40 percent,” said Tomlinson.

“It gives retailers a much better grip on their businesses yet also saves them the cost of employing their own IT specialist to run their EPoS system because Cybertill handles all the maintenance."

Alan Coulter, alliance director with Fujitsu Services is not afraid ‘David’ will slay this ‘Goliath’: "A broad base of retailers in the UK are now able to access the competitive advantage systems that only their larger rivals could previously afford. This has been made possible by combining the innovation of Cybertill with the world class industrial strength delivery of Fujitsu."

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