Curated Cranks launches new marketplace for buying and selling used bikes

Curated Cranks has formally launched its new platform and marketplace dedicated to buying and selling premium used bikes.

It aims to provide an alternative to trading through the usual channels, offering a personalised and bespoke, free to seller service. For buyers, it provides an auction marketplace and virtual showroom that details the bikes, including standardised high-quality photographs, video and a description.

“Curated Cranks aims to bring to the market something that we believe is missing, a means of trading premium bikes using a combination of personalised and bespoke services with the latest auction software,” said Paul Eggleton, Curated Cranks founder. “It’s a platform for enthusiasts, built by enthusiasts, and our aim is to reflect the love and investment cyclists have for their bikes.

“Cycling in all its forms continues to boom, and the value of premium bikes continues to rise. When cycling enthusiasts want to move their bikes on, they do not have a marketplace that truly represents the value of their bike, and nor do they necessarily have the time to create and advertise it to its full potential. Curated Cranks was founded to fill this gap in the market and to provide a bespoke service that reflects the value and love of these beautiful bikes.”

Curated Cranks works with sellers to obtain as much information as possible along with a set of photographs and video. It writes a bespoke listing which ‘presents the bike in all its glory’, enabling potential buyers to view the bike and understand its specifications and history. Curated Cranks can guide both the seller and buyer through the process and help with photography and transport.

The service is free for the seller, instead charging a buyer’s premium. Buyers premiums are also capped, and the seller walks away with the full final auction value. The seller retains the bike through the process.

Curated Cranks aims to ‘disrupt and transform’ how premium bikes are bought and sold. It is an auction marketplace for all types of bikes including road, mountain, gravel, triathlon, track, e-bike, and retro. Auctions will be run on a timed basis between seven to 14 days and each auction will be promoted through Curated Cranks’ social channels.

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