Brand releases details of Litening Super HPC and Agree GTC; electronic shifting features in 2012 ranges

Cube’s latest is faster than (last year’s) Litening

The new Cube Litening is being classed as the fastest road bike the brand has created yet, with the 2012 Litening Super HPC frame.

Cube said the Litening Super HPC is lighter without losing stiffness, more comfortable and has seen 150g shaved off last year’s version, bringing the frame to 860g.

Aluminium parts have been jettisoned, with the bottom bracket solely carbon fibre, as are the newly developed dropouts. It uses Advanced Twin Mould technology, while the flattened top tub has been made thinner to make the SHPC frame more comfortable. A smaller diameter Syntace Flexpost has been added too, with vibrations significantly dampened, according to the brand.

Other innovations include hybrid cable routing in combination with the Multi Purpost Hanger. Classic gear systems or the brand spanking new electronic Shimano Ultegra Di2 can be fitted – a special plate for the frame openings allows for easy cable installation and the Di2 battery is neatly mounted close to the BB and ‘nearly invisible’, Cube said.

The Cube CSL Evo carbon fibre fork matches the new frame and weighs 320g. Other 2012 variants include the Litening Pro, Litening Race, Litening Sl and Litening SLT.

The Cube Agree GTC is be called a direct descendant from the Cube Litening. Featuring Shimano’s Ultegra Di2 the Agree Di2 is the top of the line, ideal for long rides. A tapered head tube combined with the new Cube CSL Evo full carbon fork (320g) on the Agree GTC Di2 and SL, and the new Cube CSL Race fork with tapered aluminium steerer (485g) provide front-end rigidity for enhanced rider control. 2012 variants include the Cube Agree GTC Pro, Cube Agree GTC Race, Cube Agree GTC SL, Cube Agree GTC SLT, Cube Agree GTC Di2.

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