Cube presents Litening C:68X

Cube has introduced its brand-new and redesigned Litening C:68X series.

The Cube Litening C:68X’s frame ‘cuts through the air like a blade and reduces drag by 30%’. The design has been carefully honed with more than 100 hours of wind tunnel tests involving more than 1,000 calculations and flow simulations. The fork, stem, handlebars and seatpost are all integrated into the UCI-compliant chassis design, and “work in harmony to be as aerodynamic as possible yet deliver maximum stability in crosswinds”. The new design also boasts ‘unparalleled aerodynamics’ for savings of 30 watts over the predecessor models.

C:68X carbon fibre technology is utilised to reduce weight whilst maintaining rigidity and comfort. More than 155 individual carbon fibre layers are laid up in precise orientations to add stiffness or compliance to specific sections of the frame as needed. Fibres on each part of the frame are oriented according to load, which allows the full potential of carbon fibre to be exploited to achieve improvements in ride performance. It weighs under 980g for the frame, and there are mounting options for bottle cages, room for up to 28mm tyres and compatibility with all current power meter systems.

The Litening C:68X is available in four different versions, and pricing starts at £3,999.


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