2012 catalogue will feature ten models, including electric 29er

Cube 29er offering goes into double figures

Cube is to introduce 29-inch wheeled complete bikes into its catalogue for the first time this year, with the introduction of ten models.

Until now, the manufacturer has been unable to produce a product that it has been satisfied with, stating that fork manufacturers had been unable to supply a product with the correct geometry and offset to work with Cube’s Agile Ride geometry.

In 2012, the following models get the 29er treatment: Analog 29, Acid 29, two models from the popular LTD-series: LTD Pro 29 and LTD SL 29, the Reaction GTC Pro 29, Reaction GTC SL 29, AMS 29, AMS 29 Race, Elite 29 Super HPC and theelectric build, the EPO 29.

Having overcome a number of obstacles, Cube now has a system, which it says works accross its entire 29er line. The Agile Ride geometry solves issues relating to longer chainstays, a higher centre of gravity and the longer wheelbase.

The manufacturer has revealed that the bottom bracket height on its 29ers is the same as on 26-inch wheel models. All suspension forks are hand installed with a custom offset, too, tailoring the ride quality. With a patent pending on its system, the manufacturer has also achieved a clever positioning of the front derailleur, which allows for shorter chainstays and plenty of clearance.

More information on Cube’s 29er EPO e-bike will be available shortly, so keep your eyes peeled on BikeBiz.com.

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