Today in parliament there was a 90-minute adjournment debate on cycling called by Edinburgh MP Mark Lazarowicz. If you don't want to wade through Hansard or watch yesterday's debates from the start of the day on, there's a 6-minute podcast you could listen to...

CTC, the Highway Code and an MP

Lazarowicz started the debate by calling for the Department for Transport and the Driving Standards Agency to make sure the draft wording of the Highway code was changed to allow cyclists to choose whether to use cycle paths or not.

All of the MPs in the debate were in agreement on this point, most heaping praise on the CTC for getting 11, 000 people to write to their MPs on the matter.

Former transport minister Charlotte Atkins said cyclists were now "punching their weight" in politics and should use the Highway Code debate as a springboard to further action with local authorities.

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