The CTC, formed in 1878 and celebrating its 125th year, now has 54 899 members. The highest figure ever is 60 499 in 1899.

CTC membership is up, AGM is told

CTC director Kevin Mayne presented his Annual Report to the AGM of the CTC at Stevenage at the weekend.

"Two years of investment and the streamlining of services have boosted membership to its second highest peak ever and raised confidence in CTC’s proficiency to an all time high," said Mayne.

Six months of poor weather and the effects of foot and mouth disease had left CTC with a £100 000 deficit in September 2001.

"But now, we are well and truly in the black and intend to stay there," said Mayne.

"We have trained thirty local authorities in evaluating their performances in providing for cyclists and through our Go Biking programme we have given people who would otherwise never cycle, the chance to try out bikes for the first time for years.

"We are becoming a leading organisation in cycle training which, incidentally, began as a CTC initiative in 1938. We have set up mountain biking centres all over the country and CTC Holidays and Tours Ltd has just completed its first full year of operation."

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