Forestry Commission and CTC agree on working partnership

CTC can see the wood for the trees

Forestry Commission England and CTC have forged an official partnership that has at its heart a "shared vision to increase cycling in woodlands," said a joint statement. The partnership agreement sets out a joint ambition to increase the role that cycling plays on the Forestry Commission Estate to "enhance the health and well being of the nation and to support local tourism."

Kevin Mayne, CTC Chief Executive, said:

"We also would like to see local communities making the most of the natural beauty that the public forest estate offers and cycling is a great way to enjoy these surroundings." 

Over the next five years, CTC and Forestry Commission England will be working together to promote physical activity through cycling in woodlands, delivering new ways of using cycling to engage young people with the natural environment and seeking new funding and partnership opportunities in order to reach new audiences. 

CTC will be increasing the number of Cycling Development Officer posts to manage community cycling development needs within the Forestry Commission and there will be additional CTC membership benefits. 

Pam Warhurst, Forestry Commission Chair, said: “With over 10 million cycling visits being made every year to Forestry Commission woodlands, cycling is very much at the heart of what we do. Our woodlands are celebrated as a favourite place to enjoy mountain biking. 

“We have a long-standing relationship with CTC and are delighted to make it official. Working together gives us a fantastic opportunity to develop new and exciting cycling initiatives.” 

Mayne added: “The CTC and Forestry Commission continue to make a real difference in providing cycling opportunities to a very diverse range of cyclists, across all age groups. 

“CTC is very happy to cement our relationship with the Forestry Commission and we very much look forward to continuing our involvement with current cycling projects, alongside delivering a number of new and exciting opportunities across the Forestry Estate. 

“We really want to encourage as many members of the community to get the most from their local woodlands and at the same time gain the full range of benefits that cycling offers.” 

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