'Golden Age of cycling' record topped as 60,776th member signs up

CTC breaks heydey membership records

The CTC has confirmed that at the end of May its membership record, set back in 1899, was topped as its 60,776th member signed up.

Director Kevin Mayne said of the new record: "Naturally, I am delighted and I want to pass on my personal appreciation to you, our members, and also to our legions of volunteers and my staff team, all of whom make CTC a passionate, vibrant movement working for cyclists.

"Membership helps make CTC unique and gives us our independent and democratic voice as we are 60,000 people united by a passion for cycling. It also makes us a community, a club and, even at times a safe haven, for all types of cyclists: ‘Safety in Numbers’ has real meaning in CTC."

The CTC has also announced plans fro a major website overhaul, due for completion in Spring 2010.

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