Firm's Christmas card fund diverted to assist Ashton's medical costs

CSG donates to Ashton Rehabilitation fund

Cycling Sports Group has diverted its Christmas Card fund to the rehabilitation costs facing Martyn Ashton following the life changing crash sustained during the filming of viral video Road Bike Party 2.

During one of Ashton’s live shows at the Silverstone Moto GP, he fell from a 3-meter platform dislocating the T9 and T10 vertebrae and leaving him paralyzed below the point of injury. Mongoose rider Chris Akrigg and Danny McAskill helped finish RBP2 following Martyn’s crash.

Though not a CSG sponsored athlete, the distributor has close and personal links with Ashton and staff took the decision to make a donation to help the significant costs involved in rehabilitation. Many CSG staff have made personal donations to the fund.

CSG UK marketing manager and friend to Martyn, Clive Gosling explained the move: “Martyn is an inspiration to me as a very gifted athlete but also as one of the most genuine and generous individuals I have ever had the pleasure to meet. He would do anything for anyone and now he needs a little help in return for the decades of entertainment and millions of youtube views he has brought to the world. We have written to our dealers wishing them a Happy Christmas and hope they can see the benefit of the donation as Martyn’s videos reach and inspire millions of non cyclists”.

the accident has left Martyn in a wheelchair and in need of support to adapt to the new life he will be leading. The costs of home adaptions, medical equipment and the associated costs of ongoing care will be significant.

Donations as a ‘gift’ via paypal can be made to

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