Crud announces XL Fender mudguard

Crud has announced the XL Fender mudguard, endorsed by Danny Hart.

The brand has claimed it is a "truly revolutionary new concept", and that the mudguard will fit any front fork setup, 29er, 27.5 or the old-fashioned 26, straight out of the box. It said it can be attached in under a minute and weighs 180 grams.

It added: “Danny has tested it extensively in the most extreme conditions imaginable, Hamsterly Forest Downhill track, and is full of praise for the product. 

“It is immensely strong, is perfectly stable over all terrain at any speed, and most importantly, because of the soft nose mid-section, it will not clog with mud, as you can easily run it two to three inches above the tyre if the conditions are truly atrocious.”

The product is aimed at casual MTB riders, and "will be embraced by serious off-roaders and enduro riders".

Production is now in full swing, and the brand has also re-designed the 29er rear and re-branded it as ‘XL Rear’.

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