The International Cyclefit Symposium is back for its second edition, taking place later this month

‘Cream of global cyclefitting talent’ heading to Jan conference

The second edition of the International Cyclefit Symposium is running from January 24th to 26th January 2013.

With increasing numbers of converts to the world of bike fitting, the timely event appeals to bikefitters, trainee fitters, or people interested in fitting, bringing together key figures in cycling science, from all fields. Those speakers include Cancellara’s orthotist, Wiggins’ physiologist and bikefitters for five World Pro Tour teams, among others.

The event is pitched as a ‘shared space to encourage collegiate learning and the easy exchange of ideas, concepts and heated arguments’.

Those heated debates will likely include attending industry leaders like Ben Serotta, Sean Madsen (Specialized), Dr M Timmerman (Trek USA), Paul Swift (Bikefit) and many others.

Tom Staniford, marketing for the event, told BikeBiz: “It truly is a unique and fascinating event in the cycling world which continues to grow each year and share in the facilitation of expert knowledge about this sport. I’ve been astonished by how generous and passionate about the sport some of the attendees and speakers have been; exhibiting a romanticism which I would not have anticipated in a ‘scientific’ forum.”

The full list of speakers can be found here, plus details of the specific topics covered here.

This month’s event follows up its 2012 debut. Staniford said of the inaugural Symposium: ”It was extremely well-received. I think it was actually mid-way through the morning on day one of the event when I spoke to Phil and Jules and we agreed we simply had to do another event next year. The attendees were informed, generally interested, and asked some absolutely fascinating questions.

“As a result of last year’s success we have had to relocate the event, and extend it from a two-day to a two and a half day event. We have also had to turn away a great many of world-leading experts – simply because we felt if the event was any longer it would be detrimental. We have, therefore, tried to cherry pick what we felt were the speakers most likely to stimulate discussion.”

Summing up, Staniford told BikeBiz: “Attendees will be treated to the only truly international cyclefitting conference of its type in the world. It is a unique event bringing together the finest worldwide experts under one roof. The recipe remains the same- speakers present a topic of their choice (they are often world leaders or pre-eminent experts on their chosen topic) and then we open the floor to questions. This is where the real magic occurs, and is the true embodiment of our concept to create a friendly atmosphere of collegiate learning, a sharing of knowledge, a rigorous analysis and discussion of bikefitting themes.

“Our attendees are generally bikefitters or trainee fitters or people interested in fitting- and they bring some truly novel and fascinating viewpoints to the table. The exchanges between attendees and the experts is truly educative and this level of communication is extremely difficult to simulate in a regular ‘classroom’. This is what the ICS truly offers. A sharing, and a development, of knowledge.”

There is further information, accommodation and travel details here.

There will be live tweeting from the Symposium, with Staniford updating short interviews and pics during the event.

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