Cycle section of the site is amongst the most popular

Crashpadder aims to link cycle tourists with like-minded hosts is aiming to bring cycle travellers and holiday makers together with like-minded B&Bs and hotels.

The site is pitched at cyclists who are keen to stay with other cyclists when they travel, so they can tap into local cycle knowledge to make the most of their trip.

The cycling section of Crashpadder is one of the most popular, with 1,305 members and 1,085 spare rooms for rent worldwide.

“The idea is to bring travellers together with like-minded hosts who have local, relevant insight,” explained founder Stephen Rapoport.

“If cyclists are staying with a host within our cycling group, they have access to great local knowledge, like the best cycling routes, pubs and places to stop and relax. They’ll also know there is a safe place to leave their bike overnight and a host who shares their passion. A hotel can’t offer that.”

The site covers urban locations as well as rural areas.

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