Crap cycling lane installed in the Netherlands

The Netherlands has opened the world’s first bike path made from recycled toilet paper.

According to Holland Trade and Invest the bike path has the runs from Leeuwarden to Stiens. 

A ton of asphalt requires three kilos of fibre, and a consortium of contractors decided to recover the cellulose from "waste water" and add it to a mix of aggregates and bitumenous concrete. "This unique process is a step towards making road construction more sustainable," said representive from the consortium.

Contractors have warned cyclists not to ride fast on the path because stopping suddenly might result in skid-marks. 

It’s common for cellulose to be added to asphalt – the M6 toll motorway used pulped fiction, or more specificially thousands of Mills and Boon novels. 45,000 books were needed per mile, reported the BBC in 2003.


Crap? Sorry. It’s a reference to the Warrington Cycle Campaign’s "Cycle Facility of the Month" feature, online since 2001 and published in book form as "Crap Cycle Lanes". Oh, and the skid-marks joke is courtesy of Ian "I used to work for Pashley you know" Hall.

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