The Daysaver multitool with the Coworking5 (prototype)

Coworking 5 launches on Kickstarter

Back in 2020, Daysaver launched an innovative cycling multitool offering 9 tools at only 39 grams. Now, one year later, comes an extension with five additional high-quality tools.

The introduction of the Daysaver last year was a huge success for Daysaver with an amazing response from the market. The worldwide community reacted with enthusiasm to the launch of this super lightweight quality multitool but also asked for a chain breaker and a tyre lever to complete the perfect on the go toolset.

You wanted two – we give you five
The makers of Daysaver have heard you and are bringing not only the two tools you asked for. They add three more. So when the Coworking 5 is launched on Kickstarter in October, you’ll get a chain breaker, a tyre lever, a valve tool, a spoke wrench and a chain link holder. At an incredible weight of only 30 grams.

Workshop quality on the ride
The Coworking5 comes with all the features that also characterised the Daysaver. Workshop quality that won’t leave you hanging, handiness paired with the haptics of a professional tool, compact, versatile and ultra-light.

The chainbreaker comes with an innovative chain positioning system that is compatible with all popular chains from 9 to 12 speed. Combined with the Daysaver’s lever, you can apply the necessary force to easily open even sluggish chains.

The tyre lever is compact, but thanks to the glass-fibre reinforced polyamide it can withstand enormous forces without breaking or damaging the rim. With such a strong tyre lever you only need one lever to get even the most stubborn tyre off or onto your wheels.

The perfect match
The Coworking5 and the Daysaver Multitool are a perfect match and fit seamlessly. Together, the total of 14 functions weigh an incredible 70 grams. But the Coworking5 can also complement other multitools.

The new Mount Cradle3
You can still carry both tools in your pocket, jersey or backpack. Daysaver wouldn’t be Daysaver if they didn’t also offer you the perfect mount for the bike frame. Held in place by magnets, you can simply click the tools into the mount and use the strap to attach a tube or other equipment rattle-free to it.

Tested under hardest conditions
Since the Daysaver Team has been working with the Gehrig twins for almost a year, the Coworking5 was tested under the toughest conditions of the EWS racing series. Caro and Anita helped to optimise the tools and test their limits so that you will receive a durable and professional tool that can really save the day in unpleasant situations on the road.

In October on Kickstarter
The prototype phase has been completed and all tests passed with flying colours. The Coworking5 can go into production! You can make this first series a reality with your contribution on Kickstarter. Become a part of this exciting project. For those who missed the Daysaver Kickstarter last year, special bundles with the Daysaver multitool and the new Coworking5 are offered. The start of the funding was on October 12th.

Cooperation with Pump for Peace
As it is important to Daysaver to take on social responsibility, they decided to support the Pump for Peace project by Velosolution. Pump for Peace is a global initiative focusing on building pump tracks in underprivileged communities, with the aim of making cycling and action sports more accessible than ever before. After the campaign, and upon successful funding Daysaver will donate an amount equivalent to a percentage of the sold pledges to Pump for Peace. So getting a Coworking5 will not only save your day but also provide great days for people around
the globe.

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