Cowboy launches subscription-based on-demand maintenance service

Cowboy has launched a subscription-based on-demand maintenance service called Cowboy Care.

“With the launch of Cowboy Care, our goal is to offer all urban dwellers the ability to ride worry-free,” said a Cowboy statement. “While the whole industry will want riders to come their way to get their bike serviced, we will send one of our fully trained technicians to perform the servicing when and where it suits the rider. Which will save time, money and stress.”

Leveraging Cowboy’s highly technical in-house trained experts and available in 22 cities globally initially, Cowboy Care will cover riders for any required intervention following the regular use of their bike — ranging from bike parts cleaning, bolts tightening, to parts replacement, all the way to the repair of a flat tyre.

“Cowboy exists to serve and delight urban dwellers in their quest for a safe, healthy, frictionless and fun way to move in and around cities,” said Adrien Roose. “Allowing our riders to journey worry-free is what our on-demand Cowboy Care service sets itself to deliver every step of the way.”

Cowboy said it won’t charge any excess fees, parts or extra time. “In our daily lives as consumers, we came across so many brands lacking transparency on the true cost of a service and the real scope of it,” said Roose.

“From the day we started Cowboy, it was clear this was not the path we would embrace. We believe in total transparency and simplicity. We are driven to delight our riders by delivering a superior customer experience. Cowboy Care is our most advanced service offering and one that we are confident will challenge an entire industry to rethink abusive and poor customer practices.”

First deployed in 14 cities in the EU starting with Amsterdam, Berlin, Hamburg, Paris, London, Gent, München, Bruxelles, Köln, Antwerpen, Rotterdam, Dusseldorf, Utrecht and Frankfurt, Cowboy Care will also be fully operational across eight cities in the US including San Francisco, NYC (Manhattan and Brooklyn), Los Angeles, Chicago, Washington, Seattle, San Diego and Portland.

Cowboy Care is priced at £20 a month, billed annually. Care riders who want to book a maintenance service for their bike can schedule an appointment or speak to a Cowboy customer service expert through the Cowboy app, and choose from Maintenance, Repair and Flat tyre fix. A Cowboy mobile service team technician will meet them at the agreed-upon location to maintenance-check or fix their bike.

“With Care, adding to the Cowboy Theft Insurance plan launched in 2019, we now offer a uniquely comprehensive solution on the market and are proud to deliver the ultimate peace of mind to every Cowboy rider,” added Roose. “A new step towards our vision to make mobility in and around cities simple, frictionless and safe.”

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