Cost-effective, efficient and low-maintenance: Madison on distributing the CRC SmartWasher

BikeBiz catches up with Alex Cubbage, CRC SmartWasher brand manager at Madison, to find out more about the bioremediating parts washing system

Tell us a little about the CRC SmartWasher – what makes it unique?
The CRC SmartWasher system is the original, eco-friendly parts washer system. Thanks to the use of the bioremediation, the system is extremely cost-effective, efficient and low-maintenance for a large number of cleaning applications.

The SW-23 SmartWasher is also a mobile unit, allowing it to be moved around any workshop and can easily fit under a workstand, saving time on removing anything such as chains, chainsets and mechs.

Thanks to the specially formulated Ozzy Microbes in the OzzyMat and OzzyJuice degreasers, the system recycles the fluid ensuring any grease and grime build up is safely and efficiently broken down, leaving the component cleaned and ready to use.

How did the partnership come about, and how does it fit into Madison’s portfolio?
CRC Industries was keen to expand the brand into the cycle industry with the SmartWasher and contacted Madison to discuss the possibilities. We already offer an extensive range of products suited to workshops through existing brands but have, until now, not been able to provide any form of parts cleaner to our customers.

With the introduction of the CRC SmartWasher system, we can offer a complete workshop package to our dealers from tooling to cleaning, all from one source. There has been no time greater than now to introduce a product such as the SW-23 SmartWasher to the trade.

What has the reaction from bike shops been like so far?
The reaction on the SW-23 has been great so far, we’re working towards selling through our first initial drop of stock and ordering more as we speak within our first week of going live with the brand.

Given the recent demand for repairs and supply issues with items such as chains and cassettes currently, the SmartWasher system can help ensure that these items are kept free of grime build-up and degreased with the aim of maintaining their lifespans as best as possible.

Helped by our Madison B2B platform and sales team, customers can easily and quickly order anything from the SW-23 system to degreasers or filters within no time at all without trouble.

How does it help bike shops stay environmentally friendly?
Using the bioremediation process, the SW-23 SmartWasher does not need to be drained or serviced like many other washing systems out there as it cleans and recycles the degreaser in the system itself. Aside from replacing the filter mat once a month and adding a 20-litre pail of degreaser when needed, there are no other service costs, unlike alternative cleaners currently in the market.

The OzzyJuice degreasers are non-harmful and non-toxic, producing no dangerous smells or bi-products as part of the cleaning process within the workshop. As long as the OzzyJuice is topped up when needed, it will clean as well as it did on day one as it does after a year of constant use.

The system recycles the OzzyJuice so there is no need to drain or dispose of it too. In terms of running costs, the SmartWasher uses similar power to that of a regular household fridge and runs on a normal mains plug socket, so is cost-friendly as well.

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