Part one of our round up from the largest Core show to date

CoreBike: Windwave, Upgrade, Silverfish, 2Pure and Ison

Revealing that a new B2B portal is in the pipeline, complete with live stock updates, Windwave’s warehouses are to be fully computerised this year. Following on from a year where "business has grown significantly", those who had yet to see Morgan Blue and Dainese’s product first hand had their chance, with the former in stock and the later due at the end of March.

Already reputed for its wide usage in the pro tour, Morgan Blue, alongside Windwave has revealed a custom labelling program, meaning retailers may have their shop’s logo printed on the bottle for any order above 48 pieces. From that order onwards labelling is free of charge.

A2Z has added another feather to its cap, with the introduction of replacement disc pads for all the major manufacturers under the Xtop banner. At £7.95 per set, these are perfect for any customer looking for a wallet friendly fix and what’s more, the margin is said to be strong for dealers. For performance pads, BBB also offers the ‘top-end’ compounds for all major brands.

Windwave also pointed to an Icetoolz countertop unit housing glueless puncture repair kits that would be worth a look.

Proving that it’s not just a one trick pony, Praxis introduced a product that the market has been crying out for – a BB30, OSBB and PF30 bottom bracket for Shimano cranks. Designed to perfectly align the outboard bearing cups and to hold the two steady, the cartridge bearings will remain creak free thanks to some clever engineering from Praxis. The non drive side cup presses in, while the shorter drive cup threads in. As the two sides link up a collet system expands inside the shell to evenly disperse pressure and secure the unit. This design also uses a compressible o-ring on the non-drive side cup to compensate for bottom bracket width discrepancies.

All three models retail for £60 and a Campagnolo ultra Torque version is in the pipeline.

Elsewhere from Praxis, retailers will find the only forged 52-36 rings on the market at present.

Silverfish once again proved a busy room, whether or not that’s because of its close proximity to the lunch hall is up for debate, but what we do know is that the DVO Emerald fork was a must see fork many.

With inverted forks firmly out of favour for some time, DVO claimed to have finally cracked the stiffness issues and with the inclusion of a carbon torsional arch. It’s certainly a beefy looking unit, with a 42mm outer stanchion and 36 inner. The forged magnesium dropouts are wider too and with this combination of lightweight materials it’s not overly heavy for the size either at 4.7 pounds. Though still a prototype we’re told it’ll come in roughly in line with Fox 40 pricing and will be accompanied in August by a matching rear shock dubbed the ‘Jade’. A 160mm single crown fork will also land around August.

Race Face had plenty going on as usual, with the Atlas bar now in a ‘Kashima’ matching shade dubbed ‘Kash Money’. A collaboration with SDG on a new ‘Six’ I-beam carbon post and matching Atlas saddle was also revealed, alongside £19.95 tacky lock on Atlas grips.

On the back of the Chocolate Distribution merger, this was always going to be a strong showing from 2pure, which once again had a separate space for Ibis bikes.

Starting with Ibis, though not in the room, we were given a sneak peak into the new Ripley full suspension 29er.

With a DW Link spec and eccentric pivots, this is a build that’s been in the pipeline for four years now and is said to make progress on the Mojo SL-R. Forward orders are said to be unprecedented, so if you’re looking to get a few of these in, get your orders in now as demand is surely set to outstrip supply. Retail price will be ‘in line with the HD’, according to 2pure.

On to the much-revised components and accessories portfolio and we’re seeing the first showing of Glacier and black Mamba gloves, as well as lock Laces, Lightspurs and Nathan.

To sum each up for those unfamiliar, Black Mamba are latex free, industrial strength workshop gloves supplied in boxes of 100. Lock Laces are ‘fit and forget’ shoelaces ideal for those who need to switch shoes quickly in sport. Lightspurs offer a variety of goods, from light up trouser clips, through phone holders, ‘Fire and Ice’ bottles and hygiene products for athletes. Glacier, meanwhile are any weather gloves tailored to a variety of activities, from thin, yet weather proof gloves for cyclocross riders to thicker extreme weather gloves – all made from Neoprene.

The Galfer brake pad brand also joins the stable.

Few will have walked through the Ison space without noting Identiti’s brand new Initial D, which BikeBiz is told "after 15 years focused on dirt products, is a step forward into something more advanced." According to sales and marketing executive Dave Franciosy, this is the first step in changing the face of Identiti.

The Initial D is a 3K carbon frame that comes disc ready and weighs in at 1.5 kilo with the fork. Expected to retail under £1,000, the frameset will be supplied with a headset and a complete bike will follow and will be di2 ready. A cross frame, also in the smoked satin finish, dubbed the Initial X is also on the way.
Perhaps even bigger news for Ison was the arrival of a selection of Banshee Bikes with full stock arriving early in March.

The Rune was one build on show, which carries the KS Link by UK designer Keith Scott. KS Link suspension features fully sealed, oversized bearings throughout for reliability and low maintenance.

BikeBiz was also told of another ODI link up with Vans, following on from BMX firm Cult’s first successful link up. This time around Vans fans will be able to get their hands round a lock on version of the ODI made grip, likely to retail at £21.99 and supplied with white collars with etched on logos. An Aaron Gwin signature grip is also on the way shortly.

Other highlights include a mix and match headset product from Gusset at £19.99 for an upper or a lower. This means less stock need be carried by dealers. TSG has been busy too and has both new styles and new technology, with the 70s inspired ‘Dawn’ becoming the first fully certified ear coverage helmet, while the Kraken Plus has apparently developed an entirely new way to dissipate the impact from a crash, with a ‘pin’ that snaps on impact, allowing the inner lining to rotate within the harder shell before breaking up meaning the outer takes the majority of the stress. Halo also introduced a full carbon wheelset for £1,000 at retail, weighing 1.4 kilos a pair.

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