Rumour had it over 400 more retailers made the journey to Core Bike this year. Mark Sutton joined the crowds to find out what products and trend were causing a stir…

Core Bike round up: Citrus Lime, Buff, Saddleback and Windwave

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Remember when Citrus-Lime were just a tiny company of 12 when Core Bike began? Fast forward to the present day and the staff numbers have doubled and the firm’s 160 customers put £100 million through their tills last year. While we’re on the stats, the firm also sent out double the number of parcels last year with its eCommerce packages enclosed.

Click and Collect has been a significant focus for the firm in the past year, with founder Neil McQuillan telling BikeBiz: “Click and collect represented 56 per cent of John Lewis’ Christmas business and 20 per cent for the rest of the year, so you can see why we’re keen to see independent retail embrace the method. It’s an opportunity to fight back against online retailers and drive business in store. If a customer is aware that stock is just down the road, they’re more likely to make the journey.”

Cloud reporting came in last March and has since made it easier for customers to quickly access their sell through stats, margin information and much more. 

McQuillan added: “It’s been a real boost to the business recruiting staff with cycle retail backgrounds, as they’ve lived and worked with the issues on the frontline. It means that 

when a retailer rings up with a problem, we’re speaking their language and finding solutions that much quicker.”


We could list all the new products now within Buff’s stocks, but to put it simply, we’d need a lot more magazine space. 

Helmet liner stocks have been heavily boosted with a single layer microfiber coming in at £14.50 and a Gore Windstopper fabric version retailing at £36. There’s a whole bunch of materials, single and double layer liners in between too, with merino wool and Polartec fabrics used, among others.

On the traditional product front, Buff has managed to secure a Tour de France licence, giving it permission to produce a variety of race-specific prints.

Less cycle specific, but with plenty of potential to sell to just about anyone who feels the cold, Buff also has a deep line of new knitwear, including beanies, scarves and combination garments. 

Knitted beanies come in at £24.50 RRP, while neckwarmers will cost £27 at retail, making them ideal for a nifty £50 all in deal for the customer buying both.


In need of a new saddle brand? Saddleback has just taken on the Italian made Astute label. It’s performance perches only, with the range retailing between £120 to £360 Skycarb, with the latter having three unique patents applied to the one saddle.

There’s plenty of technology within and the production materials are up there with the best – the brand uses the same glue that Gucci uses on their shoes and the same carbon as Corvette use in their cars. Put simply, the range offers three saddles in two widths – either an open or closed design. Saddleback plans to introduce a dealer demo program in the near future.

Bont’s Blitz was grabbing attention too at Core too, offering a heat moldable chassis, a full carbon monocoque sole and a BOA and Velcro combination to further dial in the fit, all for £180. There’s also a new Vaypor S, this time with a golf-ball like dimpled surface to help your customer beat the headwind.

Need the best track pump in the world for your workshop? Silca made a few jaws drop with its £300 track pump, made under orders from the brand’s new US owners who have gone out of their way to be undisputed champions of inflation. The handle’s rosewood, the chassis and base vacuum cast Zinc. It’s inherently stable with two pounds of the seven pounds it weighs in the base alone. What’s more, the gauge is accurate to within -1/+1 PSI, so if precision is your thing, this could be your pump.


Marzocchi is looking to be an attractive option in the suspension market for both the dealer and the consumer alike in 2015. With many of the fork prices having come down year-on-year, the brand has also entered the dropper post arena with a non-graduated 125mm post. Finished with Marzocchi’s Expresso coating, there will be an internally routed version at £260 and externally routed at £230.

For the enduro rider, the 053 is now available at £499.95, again finished with the Expresso coated, employed across the range to achieve better colour consistency. The shock will offer 140 to 160mm of travel, with low-speed compression and rebound adjustment.

Also in stock now is the new £159.99 Dianese Pro Pack, which on first looks seems like it’ll be a real big hit with the enduro rider. Offering two bags in one, the Pro Pack has a detachable segment for those shorter rides where travelling light is more practical. There’s also a certified soft flex back protector built in to prevent damage in the event of a crash. There’s space for a bladder too, as well as dedicated pockets for sunglasses, phones and tools.

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