Part two of our round up from the largest Core show to date

Core Bike: Hotlines, Buff, Aftershokz, Extra, Cordee and Citrus Lime

For part one of BikeBiz’s CoreBike coverage, including new product and news from Windwave, Upgrade, Silverfish, 2Pure and Ison, see here.

Spank has come up with something a little bit special on the handlebar front, all while managing to avoid going down the carbon fibre route, something the label says it is looking to avoid for the long term.

The Oozy bar was tucked away, but BikeBiz got a sneak peak of the 720mm upgrade from the prior 690mm version. Using a ‘special alloy’ the firm has managed a 208 gram weight and at just £80 retail, making it a great alternative to carbon on the weight front, but at a much lower price. Seven time butted and using a CNC bending process, the bar is tapered in all the right places, with thicker sections on the clamp area, bends and ends.

Pictured below is another new bar, the BearClaw.

Spank also debuted an Oozy wheelset, weigh in at a very respectable 1,600 grams for the 26-inch wheelset and 1,800 for the 29er version. Tested on the Megavalanche and running on triple butted spokes, the hubs are easily adapted for various axle standards and perhaps the best news of all, both the front and rear wheels take the same length straight pull spoke regardless of side of the wheel.

Gaerne is now in the semi-exclusive BOA lacing club, introducing the EPS carbon G.Chrono road at £259.99 and the ladies Dame for the same price. The former comes in sizes 39 through 48 and the latter 37 through 42.

Let the warmth be with you. Buff introduced Star Wars licensed product at Core, so your customer can now look like a lightweight version of Darth Vader on your bike and for only a pound more than a standard Buff.
No word yet on what’s warmer, genuine Wookie fur, or a printed Gore Tex Storm buff, but the latter is now in the catalogue too, alongside a new ‘Hoodie buff, made with a Polartec fleece and with a double merino neck cover for £30.

‘Headphones at a bike show?’, you might have been thinking, but Aftershokz actually make a lot of sense. Described as the ‘civilian version’ of the military headsets used in combat to enable soldiers to receive instructions and remain aware of their surroundings, Aftershokz don’t actually sit inside the ear. In fact, you place them infront of the ear on the cheek bone, which then conducts the sound.
Particularly relevant to the cycle commuter who previously rode with a very mototone one earbud, two versions are currently available – the basic model and a version that allows you to take phone calls on the move via a remote control and microphone setup. These retail for £59.95 without the mic and £69.95 with and each come with a two-year warranty. A Bluetooth wireless version is in the pipeline.
For more information dealers should contact 01606 558428.


All of a sudden Extra is looking to be a one-stop shop for all your cycle luggage needs, with Ergon showing an updated line of six packs for everything from commuting to freeride and downhill riders. Ranging from a seven litre through a 30-litre capacity, each is designed with stability and positioning in the saddle in mind.
Elsewhere, Brooks has been incredibly busy with a line of new canvas bags, the launch of the Piccadilly bag, the B17 saddlebags and much more.
Most eye catching of all on Brook’s stand was its Merino 1866 jersey commemorating the founding of the firm some 147 years ago. Brooks team modelled these at the recent L’eroica vintage bike race.
Pro Gold lubricants had some interesting new gear for the workshop too, with a precision application needle for cables, refillable from the 118ml Prolink bottle and drums of 90 industries dual textured ‘Pro Towels’, ideally for quickly removing dried grime from bikes.

Still a best-seller a year on, the hype around last year’s Feed Zone cook still sees the publisher regularly struggling to hold stock.
This year the excitement surrounded the only book on himself ever to be endorsed by Eddy Merckx, retailing at £42. Put together with a heavy paper stock and containing photos Merckx himself had never seen, this is one for the classic race fan.
Elsewhere, Cycling Northern France, which explains in detail how to partake in a London to Paris ride, among other classic routes is now on sale. Soon to be released is ’25 Great British Rides’ seen in pre-production form at Core.

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