Another batch of exhibitors, brands and products ahead of the Whittlebury Hall show starting on Sunday

Core Bike 2014: Fox, Upgrade, 2pure, One Industries, Windwave, Buffera

Core Bike 2014: Paligap, Silverfish, Chicken, SiWis and Bobbin
Core Bike 2014: Ison, Extra, Hope, i-ride, Citrus-Lime

Family-owned and family-run since 1974, Fox is one of the most recognised technical apparel brands in the MTB market. Drawing on years of development working closely with the world’s fastest athletes, 2013 is among the most technical and styled MTB collection available.

Fox’s Spring 2014 collection sees some stunning additions and innovations to the MTB range, including the all new Launch Enduro Kneepads. The firm said: “Our aim is to provide riders with the best technical MTB product for whatever the ride. No matter if it’s XC, Trail, Freeride, Dirt Jumping or Downhill, we have it covered. Our 2014 goal is simple: ‘All Conditions Proof’.”

At Core, Fox will – in addition to the Spring 2014 products – be displaying the all new Fall 2014 collection, with new outerwear and accessories to keep riders going 365 days of the year – no matter what the weather.

Upgrade will have plenty of new products at Core, including items from house brand DMR, which will be showing off its revised Bolt frames and new pedal models for 2014.

Kinesis UK has the new lightweight Aithein road bike, Tripster ATR titanium go-everywhere machine and SYNC advanced titanium hardtail. Designer Dom Mason will be on hand at Core to provide the details. Meanwhile Lezyne has built on its LED success this winter with a range that includes favourites like the Femto and Zecto. At Core, however, the focus will return more to hardware with a new line in Digital Floor pumps and extended small bags line as well as signature Danny MacAskill products. Alex Mai and Kyle Casteel from Lezyne will attend the show.

X-Fusion suspension has received plaudits this year and has three new models and Upgrade is looking to sign more dealers up. Joel Smith will be flying in from the US to support the show.

Pivot Cycles will be part of the main display for Upgrade this year. The new Mach6 27.5 enduro bike will be the star of the show and the super high-end VaultCX bike will also feature. Daniel Limburg from Pivot US will attend.
ISM saddles will be new at Core this year having started with Upgrade in the spring. Upgrade is keen to show the benefits of this original saddle design, not just for riders but for dealers’ business.

In amongst the goodies in 2pure’s offering at Core Bike 2014 is new brand acquisition NeilPryde. The road bike brand first began in 1970 with NeilPryde’s desire to develop cutting-edge equipment that would allow him to fulfill his Olympic sailing dream. This competitive streak still runs through everything the brand does, we’re told, leading to a range of cutting-edge road bikes. 2pure said it had been looking forward to working with a road frame brand of this quality from its inception.

MD George Bowie commented: “NeilPryde makes sense – not just from a sales perspective or even a brand outlook perspective – but as a missing piece of who we are as a company.

“We have been looking for an authentic road bike brand that actually adds value to the UK market and we found this in NeilPryde. When the MD of POC contacts you and says; ‘George you need to look at NeilPryde’, you pay attention. The firm is a respected brand that is great to work with and holds the same ideals and core values that 2pure hold dear. All of us at 2pure feel that there is a great future ahead for both us and NeilPryde.”

One Industries
One Industries Europe will be arriving with a host of new and exciting products. One’s own 2014 Gamma Helmets are the first to bring MIPS technology to an MX certified helmet. MIPS technology deals with ‘rotational violence’ which is found to be the leading cause of concussion and brain injuries. MIPS mimics the brain’s own protection system by significantly reducing the rotational force to the brain in the event of a crash.

661 Protection is continuing to collaborate with D30 impact protection, using the company’s enhanced chemical technology. The D30 material insert provides optimal freedom of movement and exceptional protection in the Evo Knee pads. The Evo pads have been designed to cope with the rigours of riding from Elite DH competition to the World Enduro Series and anywhere in between. For 2014 the same technology has been developed into the comprehensive Evo Elbow protective pads that are breathable and tough.

From Maxxis tyres, the Ardent tyre and newly developed Maxxis Beaver mud tyre (in new 2.25-inch width) along with the updated High Roller II model, have all seen media praise. Maxxis was recently awarded three tyres into the new Dirt product guide, documenting the top 100 products of the year. That praise, combined with a new trade pricing structure for 2014, is setting the Maxxis range up for a strong year. The firm told BikeBiz: “With new models on show from all our brands we’ll keep you looking fresh, fully protected and rubber side down wherever you ride. Come and speak to us at the show to make the most of attractive buy in packages and new dealer pricing structures.”

BBB will be a star at Windwave’s Core line-up, including the all new BBB Patron case for iPhone, enabling riders to safely and securely mount their smartphone to their bike whilst retaining full functionality. Made from an impact-resistant polycarbonate outer shell with a shock absorbing silicone insert, the Patron has been designed with a slim profile so it can be used on or off of a bike. The adjustable mount can be used in either portrait and landscape and can be mounted to the bar or stem to always find a viewing or filming angle. The case weighs 69g and is available in black or white with an RRP
of £32.95.

Another Core highlight will be Morgan Blue and its new Cycle Care Kit, containing everything you could need to care for your bike. The kit consists of a maintenance tutorial CD, 1L of Mud Off, 1L of bike wash, 1L of chain degreaser, 125cc of chain lube, a chain keeper, chain brush, sponge, cloth and bucket. The new Cycle Care Kit has an overall contents value of £64.20, but it will be offered for a limited time at £42.95 RRP.

Buff’s brand new Insect Shield Buff is launching with samples at Core Bike. The Insect Shield does exactly what the name suggests and protects the wearer from the aforementioned bugs. How so? The Insect Shield Buff is a seamless tube of Coolmax Extreme fabric that offers up to 95 per cent protection from harmful UV rays and has also been treated with Insect Shield Technology for long lasting and odourless protection from insects.
The collection, available to retailers at the end of February, includes ten patterned designs and four plain with an RRP of £20.

Appealing not only to cycle types, the Insect Shield Buff is set to be snapped up by walkers, climbers, cycle tourists, anglers, horsemen (and women) and basically anyone who’s had the misfortune to encounter Scottish midges. Buffera has also got the AW 14-15 collection on the way.

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