Warning: Founder poses in the buff in latest green drive

CORE BIKE 2012: Green Oil wants your caps

In the Upgrade room at Core Bike, Green Oil has been pushing its environmentally friendly bottle cap reclamation scheme.

The brand’s Green Clean Bike cleaner uses a reclaimed fizzy drinks cap on top, and Green Oil – alongside distributor Upgrade – have been collecting caps at Core for use in the next product batch.

Most councils don’t collect bottle caps for recycling, so by reusing them in its product range, Green Oil’s is diverting them from landfill.

The brand will also be phasing mixed coloured recycled plastic bottles into its range in another drive to stop multi-coloured plastic from landfill. Green Oil UK will use this plastic for its bottles, meaning colours will vary depending on what is recycled – though cap and label colours will be consistent.

At Core, Green Oil has also revealed a new advanced chain lube, now with addition of N-Toc increased durability. N-Toc inhibits break down of the oil whilst on the chain, making it last two to six times longer than the original Green Oil formula, the firm said. 

There’s more on Core Bike 2012 here. Simon Nash, founder of Green Oil, posed in a cap-filled bath to promote the brand’s latest initiative…

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