Cycle friendly city plans 13 ‘superhighways’ to grow cycle commuter numbers

Copenhagen to spend $47 million on cycle highways

Capital of Denmark Copenhagen is planning to enhance its cycling credentials with a major network of 13 cycle routes around the city, according to blog

The city is aiming to swell the numbers of cycle commuters – which already includes 55 per cent of the city’s citizens – and attract those that travel between seven and 15 km to travel to work in the area.

The lanes, which are expected to cost $47million (250 million kroner), will boast a number of features, including:

– Cycle ‘service stations’ along all routes with air and tools
– Smooth even surfaces that are free of leaves, ice and snow
– Routes that are as direct as possible with no detours
– Sufficient width to overtake other cyclists and the chance to maintain high speeds
– Priority for cyclists at safe and quick crossings where streets are crossed

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