‘Considerate cyclists welcome’ signs to go up in city centre

New signs displaying ‘considerate cyclists welcome’ and ‘cyclists: thank you for slowing down’ are to go up in Leicester as part of a safer cycling campaign.

The signs will be placed at key points throughout the pedestrianised zone, as well as at entrance points to the pedestrianised area.

Adam Clarke, deputy city mayor and councillor, said: “We want to encourage people to travel to the city centre by bike, on foot or using public transport and once they are here, our large, people-friendly pedestrianised zone gives priority to people ahead of vehicles.

“Bikes are welcome in our pedestrianised zone too, but obviously we ask that cyclists show consideration to people on foot.

“These signs and our safer cycling campaign are a simple, straightforward reminder of that message.

“Our ongoing Connecting Leicester programme aims to create people-friendly streets that link the city’s retail, heritage and cultural destinations more effectively, so that it’s easier than ever to leave the car at home and choose a more sustainable, environmentally-friendly form of transport.”

Katie France, Leicester project coordinator for Living Streets said: “Cycling on pavements can make pedestrians feel vulnerable – especially those who are visually impaired, suffer hearing loss or have mobility issues.

“These signs will help remind all road users that this is a shared space and should ensure people can walk in safety and comfort.”

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