Conference debates solutions for multimodal urban transport

Dahon founder and CEO David Hon this week joined the fourth annual "Future of Transport Conference" in Brussels, organised by Forum Europe.

The annual conference brought together planners and specialists from around the world to discuss the innovations in the transport industry and how Europe can ‘lead the way’ in further developing and implementing transport innovation.

Around 200 delegates attended the day-long event and during the conference speakers presented many ongoing multimodal concepts and practices in different cities and regions.

Participants debated the ways in which European transport systems can realise growable and sustainable multi-modality by employing ‘future-proof intelligent infrastructure’.

On the ‘Supporting the Development of Truly Multimodal Transport Systems: Towards Mobility as a Service?’ panel, Hon presented his ideas on solutions for urban transport and congestion issues.

This included how Dahon’s NuWave technology and smart lockers can "answer the many problems faced by traditional shared bicycle systems" that are currently being used throughout Europe.

The panel discussion was comprised of Merja Kyllönen, MEP, European Parliament, Frédéric Versini, deputy head of unit for transport networks, Dg Move, European Commission and Jacob Bangsgaard, CEO and president, Ertico.

Hon said: “It’s great to be here debating how we can best realise true multi-modality in Europe. For the record, most Americans consider Europe to be a friend and not an enemy!

“Dahon has a long history of contributing to green and sustainable mobility, if I might blow our own trumpet a bit.

“Dahon’s Nuwave technology – on account of space conservation, and cost effectiveness and digitalisation – can easily be adapted to physical connectivity among various modes of transportation, especially employing automatic folding/unfolding and storage mechanisms.”

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