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Why should bicycle dealers get in touch with Montague?
This is our first proper season in the UK and the range of Montague and Swissbike models we offer are truly unique, being full-size bikes with a patented, simple and very strong folding system. We don’t try to compete with small-wheeled commuter-style folders, but add another dimension to cycling by providing a range of 26-inch wheeled bikes that have the added bonus of easy storage and transportation, with no compromise to performance.
Critically, none of the main frame tubes are cut to achieve the foldability of our bikes, so you get all the benefits of a conventional, rigid framed bike and all the flexibility of a folder. Being full-size, the geometry and ride qualities are right, your customers won’t need a cycle rack on the back of their car and they can still fold the bike up to take it into the office and easily keep it inside at home.

When was Montague founded and by who?
In the US, Montague was founded in 1988 by Harry Montague and his son David, an MIT graduate and award-winning aerospace engineer.

What plans for expansion does the company have in the near future?
With daily phone calls and emails from people wanting to see one of our bikes, we are looking to build our dealer network around the UK and in Ireland. We are also looking at a number of other areas of business where the benefit of our deep section top-tube can be utilised to carry a corporate brand, for advertising, promotions and sponsorship. We are also finding that our bikes are becoming popular with the emergency services, due to their versatility over conventional bikes.

How’s business?
Excellent! Folding bikes in particular are attracting a lot of press and our range fits perfectly in a number of categories, making them of interest to a very wide audience.

Does Montague have plans to develop any non-folding bikes?
Not that I am aware of. The patented ‘Folding Integrated Technology’ in our frames is what gives the bikes their unique advantage and there is still a lot of ground to cover with the current design.

Why should retailers stock the Swiss bike over other folders?
These bikes offer true versatility without any compromises in performance. They are still very new here and their unusual looking frame design, with its oversized top tube and apparent lack of a down tube make them really stand out from other bikes. The company also has a lot of heritage to back up the design of the bikes, so customers can see that they have been designed for a purpose, not just to look cool.
In addition, our entire range comes with CLIX Wheel Retention technology as standard. This was invented by David Montague and has now been taken up under license by Trek, Cannondale, Koga-Miyata and others.

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