'Get Cycling' is a free publication with a 100 000 print run and will be given out at the numerous 'roadshow' events being staged on behalf of local authorities by York-based Company of Cyclists. As you'd expect from Jim McGurn and crew, the guide recommends new cyclists should seek advice from pukka IBDs

Company of Cyclists publishes 16-page cycling sampler

As well as the 16-page, full-colour magazine, the Company of Cyclists has produced 17 fact sheets to provide basic introductory information for hesitant cyclists.

The fact sheets are double-sided A4s and feature such topics as ‘Cycle commuting’, ‘Cycling for women, ‘Cycling in older age’, ‘Children’s cycles’, ‘Family cycling’, Cycle security’, and ‘Cycle clothing’.

A copy of ‘Get cycling’ is to be included with the next issue of BicycleBusiness, due to be mailed on Monday 20th May.

Publisher Jim McGurn has had a long history in cycle publishing. A former teacher, he published and edited the seminal 80s cycle magazine, New Cyclist. He later went down the more esoteric route with Bike Culture Quarterly and then went slightly more populist with Bycycle. However, the publishing company behind such titles – and Encyleopeadia, the bikes-and-accessories guide – collapsed.

The Company of Cyclists was set up to capitalise on McGurn’s evangelical desire to see more people on bikes and has been successful in getting local authority backing for a number of regional roadshows, where McGurn and helpers wheel out such bikes as the Swiss 2cycle-ZEM and the eight-person Octocycle.

‘Get cycling’ supports local, independent bike shops:

"Go to a good, well-established cycle dealer for expert advice, a well set-up bike, and some free after-sales service. Their bikes may cost more, but it’s worth it."

And the A4 fact sheets are pro-IBD too:

"A note on cheap new bikes. These pop up from time to time in garages, car parts stores and catalogues. Be cautious here; though you may get some form of guarantee, don’t count on it. If you buy from such a store, don’t expect much in the way of service, and certainly not after-sales support. A bike shop will be more helpful, but their attempt to talk you out of a basic bike will be pretty valid, and don’t expect them to be enthusiastic about putting right a new bike bought from someone else that may well not be capable of being more than tolerable in the first place."

Copies of the fact sheets and ‘Get Cycling’ are available from Company of Cyclists. The minimum order for ‘Get Cycling’ is 380 copies (that’s a boxful) and the cost is £45 including postage and packing.

A PDF of the magazine is also going to be placed on http://www.getcycling.info but it’s not there yet.

Tel: 01904 778080



IBDs who wish to produce inhouse literature for customer use can freely use the text provided in two introductory articles on cycling provided on the public part of this site:

If you wish to use our text in silent salesmen POS or literature of your own please credit bikebiz.co.uk.



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