The future of e-bikes? With Quoros' eBIQE concept you can check tyre pressure from your phone

Cloud-connected ‘electric bike’ recognises rider’s fingerprint

Probably crossing the line of being a ‘true e-bike’ several times, Qoros has created an eBIQE concept for always-connected and leisure riders at the 84th Geneva Motor Show.

The e-bike has been built primarily to show off the car company’s QorosCloud platform (available on most Qoros cars), which delivers features and services for the rider via a permanent 3G connection, operated through an advanced five-inch touchscreen mounted on the handlebars – or in the cloud via a smartphone, table, PC or Mac.

What that actually means is that it gives riders access to advanced route planning, intelligent navigation and – most uniquely – the ability to remotely check the eBIQE’s tyre pressure, battery charge and range. You can also network through social media (which might not be ideal while riding). Real-time updates for incidents, travel times, weather and charging points are also beamed into the bike.

Other snazzy features include a fingerprint recognition system, with the ability to recognise multiple users. Regenerative braking is included too, so the electric motor generates electricity while slowing down, with the energy fed back into the battery, increasing efficiency and range.

Riders can choose to pedal with no assistance or pedal with assistance from the electric motor. They can also ride with motor-power only, which is where the product well and truly steps away from the e-bike genre.

When using the motor, users can choose between three driving modes: Street, which limits top speed to 25 km/h so it may avoid being legally classified as a motorcycle in some countries; Eco, which maximises energy-efficiency; and Power, which allows for faster acceleration and a top speed of 65 km/h. With 60 Nm of torque available throughout the rev range, on battery power alone, the eBIQE Concept in this mode can reach 25 km/h in two seconds. It has a charge time of just 80 minutes from any regular power outlet.

The body is hand-laminated carbon fibre, with a forward-leaning wedge profile and hockey stick shaped spoiler, echoing Qoros car detailing.

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