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City to allow cyclists to run red lights

This summer, signs are going up at over 1,800 junctions in Paris which indicate a cyclist is allowed to ignore a red light (reports the BBC).

The sign features an upside down triangle, a bicycle and an arrow. Where it is in displayed riders can jump the lights, with due care and attention, but only affects right turns on going straight on at a T-junction. Where there’s no sign, such as crossroads, bikes will be legally obliged to wait for a green.

Why has Paris introduced the measure? It’s one of several designed to ‘dramatically increase cycle use’, aiming to rise 15 per cent in five years.

Red light running by cyclists is a regular complaint made against those that choose to travel by two wheels. It’s a controversy magnet (although not quite as contentious as compulsory helmets) even between cyclists, with some believing there are times when it is actually safer – thanks to poorly set out junctions – to run them when it’s safe to do so. On the other hand, many cyclists argue any red light running is bound to inflame feeling against bikes and should be avoided. Paris’ move might serve to suck away some controversy around red lights.

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