The EPOS firm is excited about a new marketing tool developed to halve the time dealers spend on marketing...

Citrus-Lime unveils marketing tool for bike dealers

Electronic point of sale software has come on leaps and bounds in recent years, transforming from the old school transaction register to a fully equipped piece of software capable of synching with suppliers, automatically updating stock levels and generally making life a heck of a lot easier for equipped retailers.

Tailored to the cycle market, Citrus Lime’s product has quickly established a presence on shop floors up and down the country. Having designed its software around the retailer’s shop floor and workshop it even holds claim to being flexible enough to adapt modules to hire businesses and much more.

However, it’s the firm’s new marketing module that’s being touted as the next big thing from the epos supplier. Available from September 1st, the Marketing Desk creation allows the retailer to build a campaign based around a buyer’s history, targeting only those for which a retailer has specified a matching criteria. For example, a list of those who have purchased a road bike, who have not purchased for six months, in the Manchester postal areas, who have spent more than £2,000, would be easily identified with the software’s analytical search engine.

Citrus Lime’s marketing executive Andrew Thomas tells BikeBiz: “With these campaign criteria in mind we can filter our database to generate a mailing list that targets potential sales opportunities with customers who have already made purchases in line with our new promotion.

A change in a brand’s seasonal products could mean we expect to stock a certain number of their £2,000 plus road bikes that we would ideally like to establish interest in, so we can pinpoint the strongest opportunities and key audience for a sales promotion.”

Retailers can streamline their marketing plans and make more effective choices about the direction of their advertising, saving money by allowing them to directly target the consumers most likely to respond to a specific promotion, delivering a more personalised approach to marketing.

RMS maintains a database of all customer purchases and spending habits too. Using this data to power Marketing Desk will allow a user to approach customers that the promotion will most likely affect and convert, saving money over a conventional mass mailing, the majority of which would end up in someone’s recycle bin.

Thomas continued: “Marketing Desk is a guided, user-friendly solution that can breakdown your full customer’s account history to find the best candidates. The ability to specify a range of conditions and filters allows you to refine a mailing list to match any initiative and Citrus-Lime has integrated EPOS and Ecommerce platforms support a versatile range of sales and promotional functionality.”

For more on Citrus Lime’s electronic point of sale system, its modules and the perks of choosing a unit tailored to the bicycle business call the firm on 01229 588628, or visit

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