A bunch of God-squad motorists want to end America's love affair with the gas-guzzling Sports Utility Vehicles and yesterday told auto-industry bosses in Detroit that Jesus wouldn't drive an SUV, if He came back today. There's to be a "What Would Jesus Drive?" TVad campaign in the US. But surely, if the meek are to inherit the earth, He'd prefer two-wheels over four...

Christ on a bike

Of course, that’s only for the inter-urban needs of the Risen Lord. For getting around city-to-city, Jesus would be best placed using a bus (that is if he’s planning to ferry the apostles).

Naturally, depending on how many of the Elect he’d like to schlepp around with (coming up with a round figure for the number of the Elect is something that has divided Christian sects for hundreds of years), Jesus could probably do with a fleet of buses.

But the anti-SUV God-squadders aren’t this environmentally-friendly. They don’t see Jesus on a bike or a bus, they just envisage him driving a smaller car.

The Evangelical Environmental Network of Pennsylvania, a Baptist organisation, has launched a website and placed television and print ads in the US to project the message that smaller cars are more eco-sensitive than big ones.

Not a bad proposition, but surely the ass-riding Son of God would today prefer a miraculous Segway or, more likely, a sit-up-and-worship Dutch roadster?

Such flippancy would be lost on members of the Evangelical Environmental Network, who clearly see cars as God-given. Their TV ad asks: "So if we love our neighbour and we cherish God’s creation, maybe we should ask, ‘What would Jesus drive?"’

The ‘What would Jesus drive?’ slogan is an adaptation of the US schools campaign, ‘What would Jesus do?’.

However, the campaign is endorsed not just by evangelical types, it’s also backed by the Interfaith Climate and Energy Campaign which is made up of a strange mix of Korean Presbyterians, the United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism and the Mennonite Church. This group wants to see more hybrid and fuel-cell vehicles, and other fuel-saving technologies. No mention of bikes. Or Segways.

The TV ad will show Christ beside a clogged highway.


The pic above is of writer-comedian Richard Herring, of Lee and Herring, and was borrowed from his website http://www.chortle.co.uk/…/christonabike.html


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