CHPT3 teams up with Vielo to launch gravel bike

CHPT3 has collaborated with Vielo to launch a new gravel bike.

The CHPT3 Vielo V+1 bike comes with the newest Ekar gravel groupset matched with carbon Shamal wheels and WTB Riddler 45 tyres. The official launch of the bike will take place at Sea Otter on 24th September.

“The roots of this collaboration are deeply connected through both our core values of honesty, integrity, reliability and just wanting to do things better,” said Ian Hughes, co-founder of Vielo.

David Millar, CEO of CHPT3, said: “At CHPT3 we’ve brought two things: Campagnolo and Eduard. The moment Campagnolo released their EKAR groupset, specifically designed for gravel riding, I realised we’d found our perfect match. Campagnolo represents everything about cycling, they were the pioneers.

“My first professional bike was equipped with Record, and the thumb downshifter is one of my favourite things in the world. The carbon Shamal wheels and WTB Riddler 45 tyres make all roads become a playground, and there’s something beautifully mechanical and analogue with Campagnolo that fits our vision for CHPT3 DIRT. Robust and elegant.”

Millar added: “As for Eduard, he’s painted my bikes and helmets for years; I wanted the CHPT3 Vielo V+1 to look dirty when it was clean and smart when it was dirty, Eduard uses a technique that involves multiple thin layers that are then lightly removed to create a disruptive identity to each frame. No two frames will be painted the same, just as no two rides are similar. Playful and peculiar.”

The bikes will be made in small batches with a total of 50 pieces. They’ll be available to purchase directly from as well as a selected number of CHPT3 Vielo dealers. You can find the stores stocking the CHPT3 Vielo V+1 gravel bike here.

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