‘The most lightweight kid’s balance bike in the world’ launches on Indiegogo

Wooden balance bike Choppy has launched via Indiegogo.

Designed for kids up to four years, Choppy is “extra safe” – it is made without screws and spokes and has a springy bike seat to protect the child’s back. According to the brand, Choppy is manufactured from premium birch plywood and weighs less than 3kg.

“The Choppy bike is made by an award-winning team of product designers and engineers, supported by experienced technical advisors, and tested by many little test drivers,” said the brand. “As a result, Choppy’s design isn’t only beautiful but highly functional – the bike can be disassembled and put together in minutes by an adult and without using any tools.”

Aldis Blicsons, Choppy’s inventor, design author, and co-author of packaging, said: “We were striving to make the kid’s balance bike as nature-friendly and sustainable as possible. That’s why the primary material of Choppy is wood-veneered birch plywood. Choppy is 100% manufactured in Latvia (one of the greenest countries in Europe) to avoid unsustainable long-distance transportation of materials. In addition to wood, the bike’s construction features different polymer composites and very little metal.”

Choppy’s packaging deserves a special mention – the box doubles as a board game, having an inlet with an adventure track printed on it. It’s made out of FSC-certified cardboard and put together without glue. The packaging is durable and designed for long-term storage and transportation of the Choppy bike.

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