When Jerome Chiotti went public on his drug taking and race rigging it was only a matter of time before the French Cycling Federation started gunning for him. And he's also lost his place on the Giant Global Team. Here's Giant's press statement...

Chiotti leaves Giant team


On April 22nd 2000, an interview between Jerome Chiotti a member of the Giant Global Mountain bike Team since January 2000, and the French magazine ‘Velo Vert’ was published.

In the interview Jerome admitted on his own account to have used banned substances whilst winning the 1996 World Mountain Bike Championships in Cairns, Australia.

Jerome also revealed that he won the 1999 French Championships by striking a deal with another rider.

The consequences of these two statements has led the French Cycling Federation to announce that it intends to institute disciplinary proceedings against Jerome, who now risks losing his world crown and faces a possible suspension from cycling.

Since the publication of this interview Jerome has attracted huge media and public interest and has been subjected to immense emotional pressure.

Jerome has explained to Giant that he is not in the right physical nor mental state to compete at the highest level that is expected of him.

Jerome feels that he needs time away from the competitive spotlight, thus enabling him to defend himself against the disciplinary commitee of the cycling federation with a clear and focused mind.

Therefore, Giant and Jerome have mutually agreed to terminate the existing contract between each other.

Jerome appreciate Giant’s support and understanding very much.

Although Giant is disappointed with the revelations about Jerome, Giant commends Jerome for speaking out honestly and bravely about the issue of doping within cycling.

Giant will always support the UCI (the governing body of cycling) in it’s stance against doping and hopes that all illegal substances be banned from all sports, so that all athletes can compete fairly.

Giant wishes Jerome and his family well during this very difficult period of his life.

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