With the publication of BS-EN14344, there's now a Euro-wide safety standard for cycle childseats. It's a voluntary standard for now, the culmination of 15 years campaigning by cycle safety experts.

Childseat standard will make carrying kids by bike much safer, says CTC

CTC Technical Officer, Chris Juden has long campaigned for the standard, and helped draft it.

A bicycle child seat is not an easy thing to write standards about,said Juden.

“It’s not just the seat: the bikes you can put them on vary so much; and then you have different national traditions to contend with. The Germans don’t like front seats on the handlebars and the Dutch don’t like the straps to be so secure – for when the bike goes in the canal.

"There were times when the work became completely bogged down in seemingly irreconcilable differences and insoluble problems; but you can’t just give up."

A statement from CTC said: "We are confident that reputable childseat manufacturers will be ensuring that their products provide the highest certifiable levels of safety and marking them accordingly."

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