The new offering is optimised for mobile devices with improved search and data feeds

Chicken’s new B2B goes live

After many months of development, Chicken CycleKit has unveiled its brand new B2B website.

The distributor set out to improve the general usability and layout of the site to make it easier to navigate and to make ordering as simple as it should be for its bike shop customers. 

Noting that mobile devices now make up 52 per cent of the UK’s web traffic, Chicken said the need to have the B2B site ready for any platform was essential.

"Our B2B is fully optimised for mobile use and works effortlessly on any device. Other areas of improvement are the search filters and the data feeds. It’s never been easier to search through a huge portfolio of brands and products, and now you can extract custom stock feeds with exactly the information you need.

"The new account details section gives you clearer information that helps you keep track of your balance, credit available and any bills due," the firm added.

Chicken CycleKit is encouraging dealers to head to the new site and let them know what you think.

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