Chicken & Sons will stock Crunchy bars and other good-for-you goodies, including the fruity-power Frusli bars. Zyro gets the sole distribution rights for PowerBar into the UK cycle trade (it had been sharing distribution with Chicken & Sons)

Chicken plumps for Jordans to replace PowerBar

"Having worked with PowerBar USA over a six year period, and more recently with new owners Nestle, we are swapping energy food brands," said Cedric Chicken.

"Jordans is a household name in the UK and it is a great compliment that they want to work with us.

"It will be the first time that cycle dealers can source Jordans bars at competitive prices. Bill Jordan, the co-owner, is an enthusiatic triathlete and Jordans bars have long been associated with various sports."

Stocks will be available by the end of February.

Jordans took a stand at Bike 2001 and sold promotional bags fulls of Jordans products, including boxes of cereals and the bars.

Cycle trade distribution of PowerBar is now being handled exclusively by Zyro, although Chicken & Sons still have three months to run on their contract so PowerBar product will still be available from Chicken & Sons in the short term.

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