Chartered Institution of Water and Environmental Management wants UK Government to create a Centre for Active Transport.

Chartered charity wants UK’s roads made safer for walking & cycling

To coincide with the launch of the report from the Get Britain Cycling inquiry, the Chartered Institution of Water and Environmental Management is calling on Government to make Britain’s streets and roads safer for walking and cycling. The educational charity wants the Government to create a Centre for Active Transport, dedicated to "integrating safe cycling and walking into the nation’s everyday lives."

CIWEM’s executive director, Nick Reeves OBE, said:

“We all know that motorised transport is the main contributor to urban pollution; walking and cycling are not. Government must work harder to make active transport options truly accessible and democratic. Strong policy and more investment in cycling and walking are essential to sustainable and resilient local economies. The health and environmental benefits would also be significant, and transform peoples’ lives."

In its new policy position statement published today, CIWEM said the Government should allocate greater funding for active transport with cross-departmental cooperation.

"Cycling and walking are everyday activities that enhance and complement the built and rural landscape and living environment, yet current infrastructure, facilities, motoring laws and protocols do not support routine cycling and walking," said a statement from CIWEM.

CIWEM is a egistered charity and, in a previous form, was created in 1895. The present day Institution was formed in 1987 when the Institution of Public Health Engineers merged with the Institution of Water Engineers and Scientists and the Institute of Water Pollution Control to form the Institution of Water and Environmental Management.The Institution was granted a Royal Charter in 1995.

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