Chainless bicycle launches on Kickstarter

A chainless bicycle has been launched on Kickstarter.

This prototype only has a single-speed design to show the concept working, and funding will allow the development of a multi-geared version, frame production and complete bike products. Design options include a CVT constant velocity transmission and a traditional gearbox.

The first prototype version was developed on a small budget in six months. The invention uses metal to metal contact from the driving sprocket to the tyre by using an integrated drive system in the tyre itself.

The tyre prototype uses a steel belt inside the surface and the driving sprocket is guided between the outside tread. This makes both contacts of the tyre and sprocket “as tight as a chain”.

The way it locks together handles the torque applied by the rider and provides forward propulsion, said the Kickstarter page.

The project has 54 days to go and is looking to raise £200,000.

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