Industry veteran Chad Battistone to launch Coastline Cycle Co.

Chad Battistone co-creates new no-compromise bike brand

"From part-time wrench to retail shop manager to international trade show executive, there are few hats I have not worn or supported in the bicycle industry," says California-based Chad Battistone on his Linkedin profile. He now gets to add "bike brand creator" to his profile thanks to the formation of the Coastline Cycle Company. This was co-created with fellow industry veteran Brady Sorenson, and goes live today. Coastline’s first bike will be placed on Kickstarter at the beginning of next month.

Called “One”, this will be a belt-drive "no compromise" bike, said Battistone.

“While efficient and comfortable transportation is at the heart of these bikes, it was not accomplished by compromising. Our corporate policy is ‘price points, schmrice-points’: we’re all about no compromise”.

One is built tough, said Battistone. "We are building bikes to be ridden without fear of damaging your high modulus carbon fibre, having your power-meter stolen off of your training bike at the coffee shop, or having the frame buckle because you were forced to panic swerve down a set of stairs.

"Our test riders are not flyweight spinners. When I say you can count on our bikes, it is with a fist smashing down on my desk."

Battistone has previously worked for Felt and GT, and is currently – and will remain – the operations manager for PressCamp, the media/brand schmoozefest held annually in Deer Valley Resort, Utah.

Coastline’s first bike will be offered in five options – from $1000 to $2400 – on Kickstarter, starting March 1st. All will be equipped with Gates Carbon Drive Centertrack systems with Shimano hubs and Race Face cranks. 

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