Danish brand now has 117 BB options, 30 pulley options and over 80 wheel kit options

CeramicSpeed returns to Active Life Logistics

After a spell away, CeramicSpeed has returned to the Active Life Logistics distribution portfolio.

Worcestershire’s Active Life Logistics first worked with CeramicSpeed in 2006 and after a stint with Saddleback, CeramicSpeed has returned to its former UK home.

In that time, Denmark-based CeramicSpeed has increased its product offering – now with 117 BB options, 30 pulley options (including CNC titanium versions) and over 80 wheel kit options. In addition there is a super hard coated bearing race version, which offers even greater efficiency, longer life and anti-rust protection.

Active Life said: "We introduced the CeramicSpeed brand to the UK back in 2006 and started the revolution of upgrading bikes with high quality ceramic bearings, but the price of our success was that they lost the brand to a larger business. Sales of the product slowed and after two years in the wilderness, CeramicSpeed is back with Active Life.

"CeramicSpeed have done something no other bearing or cycle component brand has done in offering remarkable four and six year warranties on their products. How many brands in our industry offer more than 12 month warranties?

"Of course, now that the cheaper Chinese made ceramic bearings have been found out and left the proverbial building, CeramicSpeed have maintained their place at the top of the ceramic bearing offerings, as can be seen from their continued sponsorship of Pro Teams Astana, Tinkov Saxo, MTN Qubeka and previously Mark Cavendish’s Omega Pharma Quickstep squad. In fact Cav has been a long time user of CeramicSpeed products since his days at HTC Columbia.

"Whilst the early adopters of CeramicSpeed’s products were those in search of marginal gains; pro-riders, time triallers and Olympic pursuiters, today the brand is recognised has having real appeal and genuine benefits for sportive and etape riders.

"Take the average power output for a Sportive rider at around 150 watts and then add a CeramicSpeed upgrade and a rider can save 10 to 15 watts (more if the bike hasn’t been serviced recently). That is almost 10% in energy savings and clearly there is nothing marginal about those gains!"

"Active Life Logistics are totally on board with the idea that those riding the longer steadier miles can gain more than elite athletes from their performance products. These riders don’t spend time in wind tunnels, or have coaches and they are generally pretty self-sufficient. As a result they rely and get more from performance products where they can buy ‘free speed’."

Interested dealers can contact Active Life Logistics on 01299 890101 or email owner/brand champion David Jack at david_jack@btconnect.com

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