CeramicSpeed releases new OSPW System

The CeramicSpeed OSPW System can now complete its Shimano offering with the new 9100 series compatibility.

The new OSPW System features a 13/19T pulley wheel combination and can fit cassettes of up to 32t.

Because of the design of the 9100 derailleur, the R&D team at CeramicSpeed has tested and concluded that the best performing combination of oversized pulleys is 13-tooth upper and 19-tooth lower pulley.

The design of the original derailleur does not allow for a pulley wheel to be larger than 13-tooth in the upper slot. With the 13-tooth upper pulley in place, there was more space for the lower pulley and so the brand found the 19- tooth option optimal.

The entire design of the OSPW System for Shimano 9100 series is strong and stiff, ensuring a high durability factor. In-house tests show that the bigger number of teeth on pulley wheel the longer pulley wheel lifetime. Since the lower pulley is the one most exposed to wear, the 13/19T combination is an advantage for durability.

Compared to the original Shimano pulley wheels, in-house tests have shown 30 per cent less friction in the new CeramicSpeed OSPW System.

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