CeramicSpeed celebrates 20 years with ‘Gold Limited Edition’ Oversized Pulley Wheel System

CeramicSpeed is celebrating its 20th anniversary with the release of the ‘Gold Limited Edition’ Oversized Pulley Wheel (OSPW) System and pulley wheels.

Jacob Csizmadia, CEO of CeramicSpeed, said: “Sometimes it’s hard to find the right way to celebrate a special event.

“Some people gather memorabilia, others keep a memento, a token, while there are those who put together photo albums or collect newspaper cuttings.

“However, we have created something tangible to remind people to celebrate every single high point in their lives, to enjoy it and be proud of it.

“The result is the Gold Limited Edition OSPW System and pulley wheel series, which we hope will inspire everybody to pursue their dreams and celebrate all victories, no matter how big or small.”

This follows the release earlier this year of the ‘Victory Limited Edition’ OSPW System.

CeramicSpeed has said the OSPW Systems reduce friction in the drivetrain, wasting fewer watts and meaning more efficiency and speed through a combination of "superior bearings, oversized pulley wheels and quality cage design enabling high cage tension".

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