World Cycling Centre to benefit from 130 new helmets a year for use by cycling trainees

Casco signs three year UCI WCC deal

Helmet manufacturer Casco has signed a three-year agreement with the UCI to supply its World Cycling Centre with helmets.

Effective immediatley until 31st December 2016, the WCC will receive 130 helmets a year for its trainees in the road, track and BMX disciplines. Since the opening of the WCC, it has had more than 1000 trainees representing 121 countries and more than 31 World titles.

UCI President Pat McQuaid welcomed the new partnership, stating: “We recognise the confidence that this company has in the WCC’s young athletes, who represent the future of cycling. It is very positive for us to have the support of a major company such as Casco.”

Jeanette Krauter, head of sport sponsoring at Casco, added that the new agreement was in line with the company’s tradition of sports sponsorship. She said: “We are convinced that we can support talented athletes and accompany them to the top with this WCC partnership. We are particularly proud to be able to help athletes from less favoured nations.”

Nemesis GB distributes the Casco line in the UK and they are contactable on 01905 720186.

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