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Cane Creek warns customers of fraudulent website

Cane Creek has been made aware of a fraudulent website selling products at discounted prices, the brand said on social media.

The brand has no affiliation with the website, it added, and it is not an authorized reseller. Cane Creek does not recommend anyone attempt to purchase anything from it.

Cane Creek’s official websites are and, and it has no affiliation with any other URL or website, it said. The brand has also put a notice on to warn customers of the fraudulent site.

“Well folks, we’re always bummed when people/businesses try to scam or take advantage of others,” said the Facebook post. “We were made aware earlier this week through a trusted partner that there is a phony website called www .canecreekstore .com.

“We have no affiliation with this website, they are not an authorized reseller, and we do not recommend anyone attempt to purchase anything from this website.

“Please note that our official websites are and, and we have no affiliation with any other URL or website.

“As always – Cane Creek wants to support riders out there to the best of our ability, if you have any questions please feel free to reach out!”

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Cane Creek is a company of riders and says it knows the difference that cycling makes in its customers’ lives. “We know that every time someone chooses a Cane Creek product they are choosing to trust us with something that makes their life better,” said its website.

“We will honour that trust by making sure that every product we release – from a simple bearing to a four-way adjustable shock – is the best it can possibly be.”

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