Headset specialist simplifying the many combinations in stock friendly package

Cane Creek gives the Aheadset a retailer friendly makeover

Cane Creek has drastically revamped its Aheadset offering, minimizing the number of parts needed in stock to service the many combinations on the market.

With just 18 unique parts in the system, 11 different headset configurations can be assembled, from traditional models all the way through a ZeroStack™ for threaded or threadless 1" or 1-1/8".

An Aheadset parts assembly kit will be offered along with six standard models, available in April. The parts kit will include multiples of all 18 unique parts, allowing mechanics to configure any of the 11 different headsets. The six standard models will include threadless 1”, threadless 1-1/8”, threaded 1”, threaded 1-1/8”, integrated 1-1/8” and ZeroStack™ 1-1/8”.

For threadless configurations, both the cone and crown race are the same part. Also, the compression ring and top cover for threadless models are integrated, forming one simple and light part. For threaded configurations, the adjusting cone includes splines so that it can be adjusted using a standard external bottom bracket wrench, hook spanner, or by hand, eliminating the need for headset wrenches.

The manufacturer has also included ‘LubeAlarm’ seals in its latest product, which audibly alerts the rider when more lubrication is needed.

“The six standard models all carry a $23 MSRP (USD) and offer more value and features for the money than any other headset in their category,” said Peter Gibert, vice president of sales. “From the seals to the cup insertion depths to the innovative compression cover and more, the system is revolutionary.”

Headset design engineer Jim Morrison added: “In the 2010 Aheadset line we really focused on the experience of the end-user. All six models are designed to be simple to install, easy to adjust, and worry-free in the field while offering a modern, good-looking product at a competitive price. Twenty years ago the Aheadset brand raised the bar for simplicity and durability in bicycle steering systems with the threadless headset. The 2010 Aheadset line will again raise the bar for what is expected from a $23 headset.”

Older headset models will now be discontinued to make way for the new line. However, service and warranty parts for discontinued models, including bearings, crown races and other small parts will be available for some time.

Another useful tool to retail, is Cane Creek’s online headset fit finder.

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