Group puts out official statement on its objection of East to West route proposal

Canary Wharf Group outlines objection to CS2 upgrade

The Canary Wharf Group has issued a public statement on its objection to the proposals for an east to west "Cycle Superhighway 2".

Long suspected to be attempting to throw a spanner in the works of the proposal, a spokesperson has today said: "We are supportive of Boris Johnson’s aspiration to create a comprehensive cycle network across London.

"We do however believe that certain elements of the proposed east to west Cycle Superhighway 2 could be improved to ensure not only that better and safer provision is made for cyclists, but that there is no damage to the growth and day-to-day operation of London.

"With this in mind, we have via the consultation process given our response to the proposals and have recommended to the Mayor that a working group of relevant stakeholders be set up to consider an improved design which works for all Londoners."

With the majority of Londoners, including over 100 top city firms, in favour of the removing traffic lanes in favour of safer cycling routes, The Canary Wharf Group’s stance has not been a welcome one with those advocating safer infrastructure.

Peter Anderson, director of the Canary Wharf Group, also holds a position as the chair of Transport for London’s Finance Commitee. As a result of cycling blogger Danny Williams revealing the above, cycle campaigners from the LCC are now calling for his removal from discussions on the proposals due to a conflict of interest in line with the Greater London Authority Act 1999.

As part of Anderson’s role with TfL, his potential participation in a November 25th meeting could prove key to the approval of infrastructure budgets.

LCC campaigns manager, Rosie Downes, told “There is a very clear conflict of interest here. Thousands of Londoners have responded in support of the superhighway proposals; the Mayor of London has said himself that it’s time to reallocate road space; companies like RBS, Orange and Unilever have publicly supported the plans.

“Yet despite the overwhelming support for the plans, they’re at risk because of one extremely powerful individual who sits on the Transport for London board – whose vision of London does not reflect in any way what the rest of us want to see.”

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