Yesterday saw the official launch for the UK's first Wal-Mart store. This is a rebadged Asda store in Bristol but the world's biggest retailer has plans for up to nine massive Wal-Marts in the UK. The stores will major on non-food items, including bikes. Can anything or anybody stop Wal-Mart?

Can Walmart be thwarted?

Yes. But it’s not easy.

In the ‘shop’ section of this website we carry a book review of the unauthorised biography of Wal-mart founder Sam Walton.

‘In Sam we Trust’ is a rivetting account of how a small town operator took over the world. Wal-mart generally steam rollers over all opposition but the store giant CAN be beaten and the book has examples of successful campaigns against store openings.

These campaigns are often led by specialist store owners, worried about the Wal-mart effect on their town.

With Wal-mart planning to create supermarkets in the UK four times the size of the average British-sized supermarket, these megastores will lead to price wars in the localities where they will be situated.

Buy ‘In Sam we Trust’ for a blueprint on how to successfully steer Wal-mart away from your region. The BikeBiz shop has a fuller review of the book and links direct to

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