NewcastleGateshead has by far the strongest credentials for winning European Capital of Culture status in 2008, and that's not just because is based in the area, or that NewcastleGateshead is getting its own bright yellow cycle-hire fleet to encourage visitors to get on their bikes...

Calling all Geordies (and Geordie wannabees): back the culture bid!

Click the link below and vote to show your support for the NewcastleGateshead bid.

‘What’s a Geordie?’ some visitors to this site may ask? It’s a resident of the Newcastle area, and there are lots of global Geordies out there in the Newcassel Diaspora. was voter number 30. It’s now up to 718 voters. Vote now. But do so only once.

In other news...

The cost of living crisis: An opening for opportunistic bike shops?

In the first of a five-part series, The Association of Cycle Traders (ACT), the largest cycle trade organisation in the UK, helps retailers boost their business. This month, a look at how the cost of living crisis will nudge more consumers towards cycling